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“Sisters of the Leaf Greece” is about creating a culture around cigars and building a community of women and men entrepreneurs and professionals who on the occasion of cigars, communicate, exchange ideas, collaborate, create social bridges and enjoy life!

We declare a commitment to the Sisterhood’s Principles:

It’ s in our nature to break the stereotypes
We believe in Business Ethics
  • We collaborate with Integrity
  • We support the members of our sisterhood

How to Become a Member

Potential new members must be referred by two golden members and one silver.

Applications for membership must be made in writing and addressed to the MSL (Member Services Liaison) of our club.
The application must include the name of two golden members and one silver that refer the new member.

You Can Apply Online

You are referred to us by:

We are committed to protecting your privacy, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Please Contact

Member Services Liaison of SOTL
for more info about SOTL Greece and membership.