What does SOTL stand for?

Sisters Of The Leaf Greece ( SOTL) is the official women’s cigar club in Greece.
SOTL Greece is about creating a culture around cigars and building a community of women entrepreneurs and professionals who on the occasion of cigars communicates, exchange ideas, collaborates, creates social bridges and enjoys life!

What does level of membership mean?

Grades of membership are awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications.

Women in Advisory Board of SOTL Greece
Women Founders of SOTL all over the world
Women Cigar Aficionados SILVER MEMBERS
Women who smoke cigars and choose to follow us regularly on our events.

Μen cigar aficionados
Founders and members of BOTL

How to apply for membership?

Applications for membership must be made in writing, on the applicant body’s official letterhead, and addressed to the Secretariat and be signed by the applying body’s official representatives.

The application must include:

The names, positions, and full contact details of the proposed Delegates.The name of one silver and two golden members that refer the new member.
You can apply online here


Please contact Member Services Liaison (membership@sotlgreece.com) for a full description and samples of the required documentation and the required contents of a letter of agreement between the Member and SOTL Greece.